Primary Logo

The full Kevala logo is our preferred logo that should always be used. It should not be reduced below 1-inch wide in size in order to maintain clarity, anything smaller than this is not recommended.

Secondary Logo

A secondary, abbreviated logo can be used only in cases where there is less than 1-inch of space available.

With Background

If you need to use the logo on a background color, use the white version of the logo.

Minimum Space

There should be sufficient space between the logo and other graphics or the edge of the page/screen. Use the height of “a” in the Kevala logotype as a guide for minimum clear space.


When using the logo in print, the logo must be completely legible. Maintain an appropriate amount of clear space around the logo as described in Minimum Space.

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Correct Use

Use an official logo.

Use the white logo on background colors.

Use secondary logo when space is limited.


Do not crop our logo.

Do not change the transparency of the logo.

Do not use non-designated colors.

Do not change the size or reposition logo elements.

Do not distort the logo.

Do not use drop shadows or any other effects.

Do not recreate using any other typeface.

Do not rotate any part of the logo.

Do not outline the logotype.

Logo with Images and Colored Background

The logo can be used on photographs.

The logo can be used on a colored background in the Kevala family color set.

The logo should be placed on the highest contrast part of an image.


Color Palette

The Kevala color palette is based on the orange of our logo (#E57125) with the other earth tones such as blue, green, and brown.


These are the most commonly used colors in Kevala products and the Kevala website, with notes on how each color can be applied.

Brand Identity, Key Information, Titles
Kevala Orange


rgb (229, 113, 37)
Data, Insights, Links, Connections
Kevala Blue


rgb (36, 82, 151)
Actions, Additions, Updates
Kevala Green


rgb (24, 146, 122)


These secondary colors are used for contrast and smaller elements.

Favorites, Bookmark/Highlight
Kevala Yellow


rgb (229, 158, 37)
Disabled Features/Options, Subtitles
Kevala Grey


rgb (179, 179, 179)
Accents, Contrasts
Kevala Brown


rgb (149, 98, 12)


Primary Typeface

Best reserved for headlines.


Primary headings can be 50 or 40 pt.

Secondary headings can be 36 or 30 pt.

Light or Regular for dark text on light backgrounds

Medium for light text on dark backgrounds

Secondary Typeface

Best used for all body and sub copy.

Open Sans

Summaries, subtitles, and similar text can be 24 or 20 pt. in Light.

All other uses including body text, charts, and similar text can be 18, 12, or 8 pt. in Regular.

Light or Regular for dark text on light backgrounds

Medium for light text on dark backgrounds



Images are provided by Kevala's Marketing team.

When editing images, the cropped portion must clearly show its relation to Kevala.

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Illustrations and Iconography

Illustrations and iconography are provided by Kevala's Design team.

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Product Screenshots

Product screenshots are provided by Kevala's Development team.

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Use only Kevala-approved product screenshots.

Properly scale the product screenshot so that all information is clear and visible.

Provide space around the image when accompanied by text.

Do not warp or scale disproportionally.

Do not change colors.

Do not add, remove, or replace visuals or text that imply a change of functionality.

Do not stack images on top of one another.

Do not resize the image in any way that it loses clarity.

Brand Messaging

Brand Heart

Kevala is on an urgent mission to radically decarbonize the global economy.

We deliver actionable intelligence to decision makers at the forefront of decarbonization by leveraging data and analytics. With Kevala, decision makers are empowered to confidently, effectively, and efficiently interface with and plan the electric grid using an objective understanding of the production, delivery, and consumption of energy.

This work is made possible by the talented group of people in our company who share the values we hold deeply:

Curiosity: We are committed to lifelong learning and the continuous pursuit of knowledge. Kevaliers are authentically curious, allowing us to prioritize learning because we know that exploring new ideas and considering diverse perspectives is how we’re going to make the greatest impact possible.

Stewardship: We are a community that cares for the well-being of others, centered on respect, humility, and inclusivity in every interaction. We listen to each other, solve complex problems through collaboration, and take pride in our transformational results.

Purpose: We are confident in our ability to accelerate decarbonization through delivering outstanding software and actionable information to our customers and partners. Kevala team members are fearless, inspired, dedicated, and resourceful.

Integrity: We believe in the importance of follow-through and honoring our commitments to both our clients and our climate. Integrity is at the heart of what we do, and it’s what drives our ability to partner with, collaborate, and excel by providing meaningful data and insights to ​​decision makers who are at the forefront of decarbonization.

Joy: While our team is focused and serious about our mission, we don’t forget to have fun! We celebrate wins, diversity, learning and growth, and key milestones along the way. We make time for team building, giving and receiving KBA (Keep Being Awesome) awards, encouraging community, and appreciating the moments we can get together as a team.

By creating a company where people feel valued, respected, and challenged, we make Kevala a place of belonging and a source of fulfillment.

Brand Personality

Kevala is confident, inspirational, articulate, charismatic, and driven. We are experts who transform the world's understanding of the electric grid using data, analytics, and deep subject matter expertise.

Voice and Tone

Kevala's voice is intelligent and refined—we don’t try to impress with unnecessary or elaborate additives.

Our marketing copy inspires a sense of urgency to be a part of our transformative journey and take an active role in creating the decarbonized future now.

Brand Story

Founded in 2014, Kevala is a data and analytics company that specializes in delivering actionable grid intelligence. We help decision makers at the forefront of decarbonization predict and plan for a more robust, environmentally sustainable, effective, and safe grid with our cloud-based data analytics and visualization platform. Kevala leverages deep subject matter expertise across the entire energy value chain to expand insights from the platform, accelerate workflow integration, and position results to lead to successful strategic outcomes. Kevala is trusted by governments, utilities, and industry with the most sensitive critical infrastructure, market, and address-specific electric consumption and production data.


Kevala's mission is to provide an objective understanding of the production, delivery, and consumption of energy in support of the radical decarbonization of the global economy. With Kevala, all market participants can access accurate, unbiased, and actionable insights that enable faster and better decision-making, ensuring the most sustainable, efficient, and equitable energy transition. For more information, visit www.kevala.com.

Our Name

We chose the name Kevala in homage to the concept of Kevala Jnana, which is roughly translated from Sanskrit as complete understanding. We seek to be all-knowing about the built environment, especially energy infrastructure, so decarbonization stakeholders can comprehensively understand the past, present, and future of the electric grid.

Brand Messaging Pillars

Grid intelligence delivered.

Kevala delivers energy grid infrastructure data and analytics to accelerate smart investments in a more robust, environmentally sustainable, effective, and safe grid. We have created a total integration of public, private, and proprietary data, including a massive repository of high resolution time series data. Our data and analytical capabilities provide insights into the behavioral dynamics of load and distributed energy resources down to the customer level. This unprecedented view into the electric grid empowers energy market participants to make faster and better decisions about energy infrastructure and their relationship to it.

The most comprehensive grid and carbon dataset available.

Kevala has the most comprehensive grid and carbon dataset available on earth, supporting fine-grained locational analyses and the evaluation of inter-regional energy systems. We have mapped, and continue to expand on, a significant portion of the world's electricity infrastructure.

Accurate, unbiased, and actionable insights.

Kevala provides an objective understanding of the production, delivery, and consumption of energy, empowering decision makers to plan for the decarbonized grid of the future. We do not attempt to monetize our results beyond the delivery of our data and analytics and do not compete with our customers and partners. Because of this, we are trusted with data that improves the accuracy and precision of our artificial intelligence and machine learning, which allows us to deliver the most accurate, unbiased assessment possible.

Visualize the present and future of the electric grid.

Kevala makes energy-related data meaningful, transparent, and broadly accessible. We bring an overwhelming amount of geospatial, relational, and time series data into one place and deliver the analytical capabilities needed to transform it into valuable, accurate insights into the rapidly evolving energy grid.

The future of energy is data.

Energy market participants need access to real-time and accurately forecasted information about evolving grid infrastructure, load, carbon intensity, market, behavior, and environmental data to make smart investments in grid infrastructure. Kevala delivers a unique view into the electric grid that enables faster and better decision-making, ensuring a sustainable, efficient, and equitable energy transition.