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Accelerate smart investments in energy grid infrastructure with Kevala

Kevala's cloud-based data analytics and visualization platform empowers our partners and customers to create a more robust, environmentally sustainable, effective, and safe energy grid.

With our deep expertise in the energy industry, we provide valuable insights that help accelerate workflow integration and drive successful strategic outcomes.

Our customers and partners, including governments, utilities, and industry leaders, trust us with their most sensitive critical infrastructure, market, and address-specific electric consumption and production data.

With Kevala, you can make data-driven decisions that drive positive change and create a better energy future.

Unmatched insights for better decarbonization decisions

Kevala recognizes the challenges faced by utilities, regulators, developers, and transportation innovators as they work towards rapid grid decarbonization and electrification to combat climate change and meet ambitious targets.

Our platform utilizes advanced modeling and analytical tools that integrate data science, engineering, and economics to provide comprehensive insights for better and faster decarbonization decisions. Visit our customer pages to learn more about how Kevala can help you overcome the challenges of decarbonizing the grid.


Anticipate changes on the electric grid

Kevala helps utilities ensure the influx of distributed energy resources becomes a flexible asset rather than a grid stressor.

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Precisely locate carbon content on the grid

Kevala's platform provides the basis for the highly granular analysis of the grid to determine carbon intensity at any location and time.

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Identify high-value sites at scale

Kevala empowers developers to quickly and efficiently complete early stage project siting by providing a comprehensive, street-level view of the distribution grid.

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Kevala empowers energy stakeholders to optimize resources, increase resiliency, and accelerate the transition towards a cleaner grid. From building new solar farms and EV charging stations to repairing and retrofitting existing infrastructure, we work alongside our clients to achieve their goals with confidence.

Carbon Accounting

Our platform provides unprecedented insights into the carbon intensity of energy resources, enabling clients to understand and reduce their carbon consumption on a per-electron basis. By leveraging this information, our clients can take actionable steps towards a more sustainable future.


With our nationwide map of the built electrical environment, Kevala offers a critical layer of defense against cyber threats. We use cutting-edge data analysis and visualization techniques to predict and assess vulnerabilities in critical public infrastructure, helping to keep our grid safe and secure.

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