Electrification Impacts

Analyze and pinpoint when and where electrification will impact grid systems and infrastructure, facilitating precise and strategic upgrades.

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Predict and plan for the grid impacts of rapid electrification

Receive a comprehensive Electrification Impacts Study, offering tailored insights into the effects of electrification on your grid. Our expert analysis provides detailed evaluations of grid constraints, capacity requirements, and financial implications, ensuring your infrastructure meets future demands efficiently and reliably.

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Ensure grid reliability in the highest electrification scenarios

Kevala's Professional and Advisory Services team leverages cutting-edge data analytics to produce in-depth, actionable reports for long-term distribution planning. These comprehensive analyses help electric utilities strategically fortify the grid across diverse electrification scenarios, ensuring it meets ambitious policy goals with enhanced effectiveness.

Assess Grid Constraints and Capacity Needs for Electrification

Precisely evaluate grid constraints and capacity demands as electrification progresses in transportation and buildings. Our detailed assessments identify critical infrastructure investments, pinpointing optimal timings and locations to ensure reliable and efficient power delivery.

Optimize Cost-Effective Grid Infrastructure Upgrades

Refine your infrastructure investment strategies with our thorough cost assessments. Our insights reveal the financial implications of capacity enhancements, guiding you to prioritize upgrades that minimize customer costs and maximize grid efficiency.

Evaluate Customer Impacts and Promote Energy Equity

Understand the broader implications of electrification on cost distribution and energy equity. Our comprehensive analysis helps you develop fair rate structures and create strategies that address disparities, ensuring energy affordability and equitable access for all customer segments.

Accelerate Smart Investments with Actionable Insights into Electrification

Leverage Kevala's expert insights to master the complexities of electrification. Our Professional and Advisory Services team offers precise, strategic guidance that empowers utilities and regulators to make informed decisions, seamlessly integrating electrification initiatives for enhanced grid resilience.

Case Study: Preparing California's Grid for Electrification by 2035

The California Electrification Impacts Study was commissioned by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to determine the distribution grid requirements of state transportation electrification targets.

Kevala analyzed over 100 terabytes of data from Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) to explain when, where, and how much utilities will need to invest in grid upgrades.

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