Project Siting

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Accelerate and streamline early stage project siting

Renewable energy project developers are working at the forefront of decarbonization. Fast access to grid infrastructure and land data is critical to identifying high-quality sites for interconnecting new energy projects.

Kevala empowers developers to quickly and efficiently complete early stage project siting by providing a comprehensive, street-level view of the distribution grid from a diverse range of inputs including city appraisers, federal regulatory agencies, and proprietary data sources. We regularly refresh our datasets to provide users with the most up-to-date view of local grid conditions.

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Where your project comes together

Land Acquisition

Search, filter, and find ideal locations for grid-connected solar and storage projects.

Engineering / Interconnection

Evaluate interconnection of new energy projects with increased efficiency using insights and analysis backed by the highest quality and quantity of grid data.

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Utilize unmatched coverage of distribution feeders and substations

Popular Features

Accurately mapped feeders, substations, and transmission lines
Find parcels by grid proximity and zoning
Detailed parcel info (owner, address, price, etc.)
Hosting capacity and DG installed / queue info (where available)
Download parcel information in different formats (CSV, KML, GeoJSON)
10+ environmental map layers and 7 demographic boundaries

Search, filter, and find ideal locations for grid-connected solar and storage projects

Save weeks of time, site control fees, and land consultant expenses by screening sites from your desktop or mobile device


Learn about new states and utility service area infrastructure before others, without ramping up expenses


Reduce development costs by up to 30% with better-qualified projects and less overhead


Ever expanding data coverage


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