Actively manage the evolving grid for optimal deployment and investment

Plan for an increasingly resilient and clean energy grid

Understanding and actively planning for the impacts of electrification initiatives requires coordination across many departments and entities. Working with a variety of datasets across a range of platforms complicates the planning process.

Kevala fits seamlessly within your current workflow by importing data from disparate data platforms into one place for integrated analysis, so that you and your utility team members can gain faster and more impactful insights. Kevala can handle large quantities of time series data, and cleans and fills gaps with simulated data to support forecasting and scenario development.

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Transform energy data into actionable intelligence

Distributed Energy Resource Adoption Propensity Modeling

Precisely estimate the likelihood of customer DER adoption with detailed spatial and locational granularity.


Design and evaluate rate structures across customer segments using time series-based rate modeling.

Load and Distributed Energy Resource Forecasting

Accurately include DER in time series-based load forecasts utilizing a combination of top-down spatial allocation and bottom-up customer-level modeling.

Grid Carbon Intensity

Understand the full picture of locational grid carbon intensity to support grid and resource planning, design new programs, and engage with customers to align with decarbonization initiatives.

Non-Wires Alternatives

Evaluate and validate non-wires alternative proposals while considering DER performance and its impact on the power network.

Building Electrification

Facilitate grid planning and inform locational shifts in trends by tracking how energy use profiles shift with BE adoption potential on a granular level.

Integrated Grid Modeling

Conduct grid planning processes in one place utilizing time series-based forecasting, probabilistic adoption outcomes, and detailed analytics with data integration services.

Support grid planning with data-driven insights

Efficiently and Effectively Plan and Forecast for DERs on the Grid

Run advanced Load and DER forecasts using granular, time series-based models. Kevala enables rapid iteration and design of multiple scenarios, allowing utilities to save time and move through red tape faster.

De-Risk Planning Outcomes

Understand why, where, and when DERs are adopted, and what the impact of these changes are on grid infrastructure, carbon intensity, and revenue by analyzing scenarios to consider a range of DER adoption and usage outcomes from the bulk power level to individual buildings.

Effectively Communicate with Decision Makers

Visually communicate and convey the justification for proposed plans to decision makers within the company and to regulators and stakeholders.

Support Change Management and Strategic Transformation

Kevala's Professional and Advisory Services team is a dedicated group of utility professionals, regulators, consultants, power system engineers, and grid analytics researchers who support utilities to improve and expand insights from the platform, accelerate user adoption, and position the results to lead to successful strategic outcomes.


Scenario analysis


Improved resiliency and reliability


Granular and bottom-up forecasting


Plan for the grid of the future with Kevala

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