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Accelerate renewable project development by pinpointing optimal locations and streamlining the siting process

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The optimal site selection platform for renewable energy developers

Through our advanced analytics platform, developers access essential tools to identify and evaluate the best sites for solar and storage projects, streamlining land acquisition, interconnection feasibility, and market analysis.

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Unmatched Data Accuracy and Completeness

Ensure accurate project siting and optimized design with the most comprehensive and up-to-date data available.

Fast and Efficient Project Siting

Expedite the development timeline with quick and efficient project siting that takes advantage of the latest data and analytics.

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Highly Customizable Solution to Meet Your Specific Needs

Tailor Kevala's platform to your specific project requirements, whether you need to focus on renewable integration, cost optimization, or other key objectives.

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Advanced Analytics and Modeling Capabilities

Leverage the power of advanced analytics and modeling to ensure optimal project siting and efficient interconnection with the grid.

Collaborative Workflow and Team Management Tools

Streamline the development process with intuitive workflow tools that enable collaboration across teams and stakeholders.

Trusted by Leading Solar and Storage Developers in the Industry

Experience the power of Kevala's trusted data and insights, relied upon by leading solar and storage developers to drive successful project outcomes.

Access crucial data and insights with Kevala's powerful feature collection

Map out project siting locations with pinpoint accuracy of feeders, substations, and transmission lines
Quickly locate parcels in ideal grid proximity and zoning
Access detailed parcel info for informed decision-making
Optimize project siting based on hosting capacity and queue info
Easily download parcel data in your preferred format (CSV, KML, GeoJSON)
Enhance project insights with a diverse range of environmental and demographic map layers
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