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Quickly evaluate and anticipate grid options in a fast-changing world

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Gain visibility into grid operations and needs

Across the country, utilities, developers, and ratepayers are relying on regulators to address the interconnection of renewables, the adoption of electric vehicles, and an increasing need for grid resiliency.

The electric grid is rapidly evolving from meeting relatively predictable customer demand to integrating unprecedented amounts of clean energy. Regulators must stay ahead of these changes while managing increasing physical and digital threats to the grid.

Kevala increases the speed and transparency of grid planning and policy decisions by enabling regulators to collect, manage, and analyze relevant data to plan the grid of the future.

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One platform, endless use cases

Distributed Energy Resource Adoption Modeling

Precisely estimate the likelihood of DER adoption and decarbonization solutions over different time horizons at the customer level with detailed spatial and locational granularity.

Integrated Grid Modeling

Coordinate and integrate traditional integrated resource planning, transmission planning, and distribution planning with data integration services and iterative scenario analysis.

Load and Distributed Energy Resource Forecasting

Independently build load forecasts and decision-making support utilizing a combination of top-down spatial allocation and bottom-up customer level modeling.


Anticipate, plan for, and protect the real-life rate and bill impacts on specific customer segments as a result of new policies, legislative mandates, and federal funding opportunities.

Non-Wires Alternatives

Evaluate and validate the reliability, resiliency, and costs of non-wires alternatives in one cohesive internal process and integrate results across multiple proceedings.

Grid Carbon Intensity

Capture the full picture of locational grid carbon intensity to support operational and siting decision-making that empowers decarbonization initiatives.

Privacy Services

As the availability and use of Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) data and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) become more widespread, using those data in public settings requires special consideration.

Kevala applies differential privacy and other privacy preserving practices to its integrated analytics platform to support extremely detailed and address-specific analysis while ensuring that AMI data remains maximally useful.

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Accelerate identifying effective, least-cost options

Efficiently and Effectively Plan the Grid

Source solutions to decarbonize the electricity and transportation sectors through the adoption of DERs with advanced analytics using your own confidential datasets.

De-Risk Planning Outcomes

Dynamically analyze the impact of DER adoption, from the bulk power level to individual buildings. Run real-life scenario impacts of policy options, technology adoption and rate designs on specific customer segments.

Unleash the Policy Value of AMI Data

Quickly and accurately model program and technology solutions for families, businesses, and communities. Understand and predict parcel-specific behaviors, adoptions and impacts of regulatory and policy decisions.

Analyze Grid Modernization and Decarbonization Plans

Kevala's Professional and Advisory Services team offers decades of experience supporting regulatory strategy, utility operations, and advanced grid analytics to assist regulators and governmental agencies in utilizing Kevala’s platform to support and accelerate decarbonization initiatives.


Document the analysis behind decision-making


Long-term grid capital cost


Improved hosting capacity assessments


DER customer experience for individual users and third-party aggregators


Improved resiliency and reliability


Inform effective policy decisions with Kevala

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