Integrated Grid Planning

Accelerate informed grid planning decisions

Utilities, governments, market operators, energy service companies, and ISOs have the complex task of balancing grid planning with reliability, resiliency, and equity considerations. Understanding and actively planning for the impacts of electrification initiatives requires coordination across many departments and entities.

Integrated grid planning unifies the many axes required to have a consolidated and unified view of electrification impacts. From transmission and distribution planning to ensure reliable delivery of power, to rate and program design for minimizing cost impacts of electrification on consumers, Kevala's platform enables users to study and gain confidence in understanding the many aspects of planning for an integrated system.

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Maximize the potential of new distributed energy resources

DER Adoption Propensity Modeling

Precisely estimate the likelihood of DER adoption at the customer level with detailed spatial and locational granularity.


Design and operate rate structures and incentive programs across customer segments using time series-based rate modeling.

Load and DER Forecasting

Accurately include DER in time series-based load forecasts utilizing a combination of top-down spatial allocation and bottom-up customer-level modeling. Seamlessly integrate results into existing workflows.

Grid Carbon Intensity

Understand the full picture of locational grid carbon intensity to support operational and siting decision making that informs decarbonization initiatives.

Non-Wires Alternatives

Quickly evaluate and validate non-wires alternatives in a fully integrated platform with superior visualization capabilities.

Building Electrification

Predict which customers are likely to adopt building electrification modifications based on their demand and non-demand characteristics.

Integrated Grid Modeling

Conduct grid planning processes in one place utilizing time series-based forecasting, probabilistic adoption outcomes, and detailed analytics with data integration services.

Move quickly while maintaining a safe, reliable system

Integrate Grid Planning, Rates and Programs, and Interconnection Applications

Kevala's platform enables customer flexibility to iterate and perform analyses that integrate load and DER forecasting, rate and program design, and grid planning and operational considerations.

Integrate Data Set Management and Analytics

Kevala takes whatever patchwork of data you have and runs our hardened data ingestion and cleaning processes so that you can magically produce more insights, from less.

Utilize a Bottom-up Granular Analysis of the Grid

Bottom-up forecasting at the premise level offers a more precise understanding of customer behavior, while still having the capability to distill key insights from broader planning areas and regions, thus enabling the appropriate insights at any level.

Support Change Management and Strategic Transformation

Kevala's Professional and Advisory Services (PAS) team offers decades of experience supporting regulatory strategy, utility operations, and advanced grid analytics to assist regulators and governmental agencies in utilizing Kevala’s platform to support and accelerate decarbonization initiatives. The PAS team offers expertise in developing custom insights as well as partners in stakeholder management through regulatory processes.


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Conduct LDV/MDV/HDV adopt/forecast and initial managed charging


Electric vehicle adoption and forecasting


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