Electrification of Transportation

Plan and manage the complexity of grid integration with ease

The electrification of our transportation system presents a significant opportunity to mitigate the climate crisis, accelerate decarbonization, and contribute to social equity. It also presents novel challenges for utilities, grid operators, fleet operators, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) developers, and other stakeholders as they invest in this transition.

As an increasing share of personal vehicles, commercial fleets, busses, and other transportation assets add load to the grid, zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) have the potential to become flexible resources - or grid reliability risks. Kevala leverages granular geospatial data, road network data, travel behavior, and historic drivers of infrastructure adoption, empowering stakeholders to plan and manage effective investments in vehicle-grid integration.

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Leverage the most comprehensive grid data sets available to plan for the future of transportation

Parcel-Level ZEV Adoption Propensity Modeling

Precisely estimate the likelihood of ZEV adoption at the parcel-level with detailed spatial and locational granularity.

Rates / Program Design

Design and operate rate structures and incentive programs across customer segments using time series-based rate modeling.

Parcel-Level ZEV Load Forecasting

Accurately include ZEVs in load forecasts utilizing bottom-up customer level modeling. Seamlessly integrate results into existing workflows.

Grid Carbon Intensity

Understand the full picture of locational grid carbon intensity to support operational and siting decision making that informs decarbonization initiatives.

Integrated Grid Modeling

Conduct grid planning processes in one place utilizing time series-based forecasting, probabilistic adoption outcomes, and detailed analytics with data integration services.

EVSE Interconnection Planning

Reduce the uncertainty and time associated with interconnecting an ever-increasing amount of charging infrastructure that needs to be interconnected.

Unprecedented insights into EV-to-grid integration

Site and Evaluate Locations for Electric Vehicle Chargers

Evaluate parcel-specific opportunities for optimizing demand charges and enhancing grid services. Minimize the operating costs for chargers and fleets by evaluating multiple locations and rate opportunities.

Forecast and Plan for Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Increased transportation demand for electricity will require additional investments in the distribution system and will impact the bulk power system as load profiles change. Precisely forecast and plan for future infrastructure deployment. Predict which neighborhoods might see an increase in EV ownership based on household income and other demographic data.

Help Electric Vehicles Reach Their Full Potential as a Distributed Resource

Plan the grid and source solutions to rapidly decarbonize the electricity and transportation sectors through the adoption of ZEVs. Simulate the effects of high EV penetration while providing the functionality to experiment with different rate structures and charging locations to investigate scenario-based vehicle charging load impacts on the grid.

Accelerate Smart Investments with Actionable Insights into Electrification

Kevala's Professional and Advisory Services team works with a range of clients across the transportation and energy sectors to support transportation electrification and facilitates continued and sustainable client success by helping tailor the platform and services to meet your needs.


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