Total Carbon

Leverage Kevala's groundbreaking Total Carbon Accounting to accurately measure and manage the carbon content of electricity, enabling precise, data-driven decarbonization strategies.

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Precisely identify the carbon content of electricity

Developed in collaboration with leading global utilities, Kevala's Total Carbon Accounting (TCA) framework offers detailed, real-time carbon intensity insights, equipping utilities, regulators, and businesses with the data needed to effectively reduce their carbon footprint and meet decarbonization targets.

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The advantage of measuring localized carbon intensity

Traditional carbon intensity measurement methods often rely on broad averages that fail to reflect the real-time dynamics of electricity flow and emissions impact. These approaches, while advanced, lack the precision needed for the stringent demands of a rapidly decarbonizing economy and can lead to inaccuracies in carbon assessments within energy markets.

Kevala’s Total Carbon Accounting (TCA) framework improves carbon intensity measurement by enabling precise assessments of carbon emissions at specific locations and times. This method ensures accurate data that supports effective investments in climate strategies, contributing to robust decarbonization efforts.

A comprehensive carbon accounting solution

Make Informed Decisions with Localized Carbon Data

Harness precise, localized carbon data to refine decarbonization strategies and achieve 24/7 clean energy objectives.

Enable Faster and Better Decision Making

Kevala's Professional and Advisory Services team ensures ongoing client success by customizing the platform to deliver deeper, actionable insights on decarbonization strategies.

Identify High Carbon Intensity Locations to Optimize Grid Investments

Pinpoint areas of high carbon intensity on your grid to strategically guide reinforcements, new infrastructure developments, and investments in decarbonization and electrification. This targeted approach ensures that resources are allocated where they can have the most significant impact on reducing emissions.

Enhance GHG Emissions Reporting Accuracy

Gain deeper insights into the carbon impacts of grid generation and consumption, facilitating more precise and reliable emissions reporting. Kevala’s platform supports rigorous compliance with Scope 2 emissions reporting under the GHG Protocol, ensuring that your reporting reflects true environmental impact.

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