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Kevala integrates comprehensive grid data and analytics to deliver unmatched visibility and insight into the rapidly evolving energy grid

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Explore the past, present, and future of the electric grid

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Search the Grid

Access in-depth insights into the electric grid through our interactive map-based platform, featuring real-time data and advanced analytics.

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Analyze DER Adoption Trends

Enhance energy planning with detailed analyses of distributed energy resources (DERs) trends, including solar, storage, and electric vehicles, fostering equitable energy solutions.

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Locate Development Sites

Simplify your renewable energy projects with Kevala’s intuitive tools for site identification and analysis.

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Run Power Flow Analyses

Optimize your network’s efficiency and stability using our sophisticated power flow analysis tools, designed for advanced network planning.

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Locate Carbon Intensity

Obtain immediate insights into specific locational carbon intensity, enabling you to make well-informed decisions and showcase your impact on achieving a zero-carbon future.

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Plan Integrated Projects

Enhance your capabilities with additional modules tailored to include advanced rate analysis, non-wires alternatives, and fleet electrification to support comprehensive project planning.

The only truly integrated analytics solution for the grid


Power Flow

Harness power flow analysis and scenario modeling while enriching results with environmental, built environment, behavioral, and socioeconomic data.

Easily work with your planning models, exploring and visualizing detailed results.
Create time series-based scenarios compatible with industry-standard tools including CYME, Synergi, PSS/E, and OpenDSS.
Run power flow analysis for specific planning studies while incorporating load and DER modeling for a comprehensive view of the future grid.

Carbon Intensity

Understand and reduce environmental impacts with valuable insights into locational carbon intensity.

Feel confident in evaluating emissions and communicating your ability to make an impact.
Inform policy decisions with scenario analysis.
Create clarity and insight around where carbon is in the grid for customers, communities, schools, and more.

DER Adoption Trends

Get ahead of rapid electrification by understanding when and where renewable resources will be adopted.

Gain a clear picture of localized DER trends and evaluate those impacts across all communities.
Make informed planning decisions with increased situational awareness of DER adoption and program effectiveness.
Get complete grid visibility or integrate proprietary data for more robust insights.

Decarbonize with Kevala

Integrated Grid Planning

Our Integrated Grid Planning solution empowers utilities to optimize grid planning with advanced analytics, enabling efficient integration of renewable energy and ensuring reliable, future-ready infrastructure.

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Project Siting

Our Project Siting solution streamlines the identification and analysis of optimal locations for solar and storage projects, utilizing cutting-edge data analytics to accelerate development and maximize investment returns.

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Electrification Impacts Study

Our Electrification Impacts Study provides comprehensive analysis to guide utilities and policymakers in understanding the systemic impacts of grid electrification down to the premise level.

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"Our partnership with Kevala is a public example of how we innovate."

Sunny Elebua

Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer,
Exelon Corporation

"With Kevala [...] we have set out how you should consider grid carbon intensity."

Duncan Burt

Chief Sustainability Officer,
National Grid

Data security and privacy

Kevala takes data security and privacy seriously and understands its significance to both customers and partners. For this reason, Kevala has obtained independent third-party auditor certifications with the AICPA’s SOC for Service Organizations, SOC 2 Type I.

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