Maximize Your EV Charging Investment with Kevala's NEVI Parcel Finder Dashboard

Using criteria introduced by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Kevala's NEVI Parcel Finder Dashboard allows you to scan a state to discover block groups with the highest number of qualified parcels, and then filter these block groups based on your specific goals, such as:

Accelerating your interconnection timeline by targeting qualified parcels near existing grid infrastructure
Becoming a champion for energy equity by focusing on areas in NEVI Disadvantaged Communities
Optimizing for utilization by localizing your search with any number of census metrics

To start your search, select a state from the dashboard below and adjust the filters based on your goals. Once you’ve quantified the opportunity within each block group, select a block group to compare and prioritize the different parcels which fit the needs of your project.

The NEVI Parcel Finder Dashboard is best viewed on desktop. Full screen mode is recommended.

As electric vehicle adoption continues to rise in the U.S., so does the need for a nationwide network of charging stations located in areas where people live, work, and travel. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has authorized funding through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program for the development of a network of public charging stations along key transportation corridors.

To help meet the aggressive goals of the program, Kevala has created the NEVI Parcel Finder Dashboard which empowers site developers nationwide to find block groups of parcels that qualify for NEVI funding and are ideal for interconnection.

Kevala powers this dashboard using proprietary distribution grid data from our platform, coupled with a variety of datasets for parcels, demographics, census data, vehicle ownership, and more.  

Once you've identified block groups in the NEVI Parcel Finder Dashboard, request a demo of Kevala's Electrification of Transportation solution to learn how you can analyze individual sites with our wide range of tools and granular parcel data.