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Evaluating EV Charging Sites: How EVSE Developers Can Simplify Site Selection with Kevala

This year, the International Energy Agency reported that sales of electric vehicles (EVs) doubled in 2021 from the previous year to a new record of 6.6 million1. The number of EVs on the road is growing faster than ever, requiring transportation innovators, including Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment developers (EVSEs), to establish robust charging infrastructure at an unprecedented rate. The ability to efficiently evaluate electric vehicle charging sites at scale is critical to this effort, enabling rapid EV-to-grid integration and the decarbonization of transportation.

The Complexity of EV Site Selection

Developing the charging infrastructure needed to support the rapid growth of EVs is an urgent and complex need. To determine whether a site is viable for an EV charging station, developers must consider a variety of factors including demand, interconnection feasibility, and land attributes. EV charger siting can be tedious work, requiring teams to gather and assess information from disparate sources including satellite maps, county records, and even in-person site screenings to gain the full picture of a promising parcel of land. This manual process is not only time consuming, but also expensive. As thousands of additional EVs hit the road every day, the ability to quickly develop charging stations is critical, requiring EVSE developers to upgrade their site evaluation process to one that’s faster, scalable, and consistently accurate. 

Accelerate and Simplify EV Charger Siting

EV site selection doesn’t have to be complicated.

Kevala’s platform increases the speed and analytical accuracy of early stage project development and minimizes operating costs by evaluating parcel and land use data, geospatial road network data, grid infrastructure data, and vehicle adoption data – all in one place.

With Kevala, EVSE developers gain access to the full picture of a site’s parcel, feeder, substation, and distributed generation information. Kevala's platform provides the most accurate depiction of a site’s value for development and interconnection, utilizing granular and bottom up forecasting to test multiple scenarios with ease. 

Currently, Kevala offers platform license, as well as customized EV charging site evaluation reports to match case-by-case needs. If you’re interested in seeing Kevala's platform in action, we invite you to book a demo today


Isabella Benice

Content Marketing Intern