Cyber Security & Privacy

Plan for, monitor, and mitigate threats to the grid

As energy infrastructure, especially the power grid, becomes more susceptible to cyber threats, it’s critical for grid operators, utilities, and the federal government to be well-prepared to prevent disruptions to energy services, protect specialized equipment, and safeguard public health and safety. With the growing volume of system and customer behavior data, maintaining data privacy is equally crucial.

Kevala implements robust statistical safeguards and oversees energy use data to enable sophisticated analysis without compromising privacy. We actively identify anomalies that could indicate cyber incidents and their impacts on the grid, and strategically anticipate potential attack vectors, ensuring all stakeholders are prepared and protected.

Stay Ahead of Cyber Incidents

Distributed Energy Resources and other third-party controllable loads represent an increasing challenge to the stability and reliability of the grid. Kevala offers planning, monitoring, and mitigation solutions for utility and government clients.

Protect Personal Information in Partnerships

Kevala enables successful engagements with third parties by ensuring the privacy of customers is maintained when using AMI that could reveal personally identifiable information.

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