Cyber Security & Privacy

Prepare for an increasingly complex cyber and privacy landscape

Energy infrastructure, particularly the power grid, has become increasingly exposed to cyber attacks. If grid operators, utilities, and the federal government are unprepared, cyber incidents could disrupt energy services, damage highly specialized equipment, and threaten public health and safety. In addition, as the amount of data available on the system and customer behavior proliferates, it is critical that data privacy be maintained.

By overseeing energy use data and building in statistical safeguards, Kevala is able to facilitate complex analysis without compromising data privacy, identify anomalies due to cyber events and their impact on the power grid, as well as plan for potential attack vectors so stakeholders are prepared.

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Plan for, monitor, and mitigate threats to the grid

Privacy Services

As the availability and use of Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) data and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) become more widespread, using those data in public settings requires special consideration.

Kevala applies differential privacy and other privacy preserving practices to its integrated analytics platform to support extremely detailed and address-specific analysis while ensuring that AMI data remains maximally useful.

Threat Modeling

Distributed Energy Resources and other third-party controllable loads represent an increasing challenge to the stability and reliability of the grid. Kevala offers planning, monitoring, and mitigation solutions for utility and government clients.

Gain actionable intelligence about the grid without revealing sensitive information

Stay Ahead of Cyber Incidents

Kevala can leverage a very large amount of public and proprietary data to model cyber events and their impact on the electrical grid, including attacks on inverter technologies and other controllable grid devices.

Users can observe anomalies and mitigate them when they happen, as well as plan for attacks on the horizon so stakeholders are ready with an appropriate response.

Extremely Detailed, Address-Specific Analysis

Kevala's integrated analytics platform uses address-specific AMI data to support a broad number of use cases.

We leverage differential privacy methodologies to use AMI data in a way that respects privacy while maintaining usefulness.

Protect Personal Information in Partnerships

AMI data can contain very detailed personal information such as the amount and timing of electricity consumption, which can be used to reveal all kinds of insights, such as occupancy patterns.

Kevala enables successful engagements with third parties by ensuring the privacy of customers is maintained when using AMI that could reveal personally identifiable information.

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